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Technical Support

Bangkok, Thailand

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Full Time

IT Support

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About the Role

This position is position for our client which is one of the International companies in Thailand, especially in the software industry. As a Technical support has to responsibilities involve troubleshooting hardware/software problems, aiding team operations, conducting remote diagnostics, and resolving connectivity issues on Windows platforms.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Having experience in providing comprehensive IT support, adept at
    troubleshooting various technical issues and providing solutions

  • Provide essential support to the operations team by addressing any technical
    hurdles they encounter promptly, including remotely resolving issues listed in the
    prepared checklist

  • Conduct remote troubleshooting and diagnostics on operating systems; if unable to access systems remotely, investigate and pinpoint the root cause,
    differentiating between signal and hardware issues. If needed, arrange for hardware returns

  • Proficiently troubleshoot HDMI, LAN, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Windows platforms, while also handling installations as required beyond these basic troubleshooting tasks


  • 4-5 years of hands-on experience in providing comprehensive IT support,

  • showcasing proficiency in troubleshooting various technical issues across hardware and software environments

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively diagnose and resolve complex technical problems efficiently, utilizing strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to find practical solutions

  • Proven track record of collaborating with and supporting operational teams, promptly addressing their technical concerns, and ensuring seamless operations by providing swift and effective assistance

  • Experience in remote diagnostics and resolution of operating system issues, with the capability to troubleshoot hardware and software remotely, adhering to predefined checklists, and addressing issues that might require onsite attention

  • Proficiency in troubleshooting HDMI, LAN, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Windows platforms, coupled with a versatile skill set encompassing installation processes and an adaptable approach to handling diverse technical tasks beyond basic troubleshooting

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