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Tech Operation Support Team

Bangkok, Thailand

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Full Time

IT Support

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About the Role

This position is position for our client which is one of the International companies in Thailand, especially in the software industry. These qualifications would equip an individual to effectively support hardware/software movement and installations, contributing to efficient operations and client satisfaction within the specified salary range and work expectations

Role & Responsibilities

  • Strategizing and executing plans for equipment deployment, involving site visits,
    equipment retrieval, and timely setup at customer locations

  • Managing the logistical aspects of hardware/software movement, ensuring safe
    transportation, and minimizing the risk of damage during relocation

  • Assigning and organizing tasks among team members to streamline the process of
    moving and setting up equipment, optimizing efficiency

  • Providing on-site technical support to troubleshoot issues such as Wi-Fi connectivity problems or any other hardware/software-related glitches during setup

  • Implementing measures to prevent damage to equipment during transit or setup,
    ensuring a smooth and problem-free installation process for clients


  • 4-5 years in similar roles, encompassing hardware deployment, IT operations, or technical support, with a proven history of successful project completions

  • Demonstrated proficiency in hardware and software installations, networking, and troubleshooting, with a strong background in IT support or related fields

  • Proven ability to coordinate logistics for equipment transportation, exhibit meticulous planning skills, and execute moves efficiently while adhering to predefined timelines

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Thai to effectively liaise with internal teams, clients, and vendors, ensuring clear conveyance of technical information and requirements

  • Capability to adapt to dynamic environments and varying project demands, showcasing flexibility in travel schedules and work arrangements as needed for successful deployments

  • A track record of quickly diagnosing and resolving technical challenges, specifically in Wi-Fi connectivity and hardware/software issues, ensuring smooth setup and functionality

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team environment, delegating tasks, and ensuring each team member understands their responsibilities to achieve seamless equipment setup and installations 

  • A focus on customer satisfaction, understanding client needs, and delivering high-quality service during on-site setups and installations

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