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After-Sales Service

Bangkok, Thailand

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Full Time

Sales & Business Development

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Company overview

Our client is an import company and authorized dealer for Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, and MG vehicles. They are currently expanding into the Chinese electric vehicle market, importing cars such as Changan, Deepal, Aion, Zeekr, and Avatar. They have over 80 showrooms nationwide, including service centers and comprehensive paint and body repair centers for three brands.

About the Role

We are looking for an experienced  The Director of After-Sales Service to provide excellent customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organization. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and to meet their expectations.

Job Description:

The Director of After-Sales Service plays a critical role in planning, organizing, and overseeing the after-sales service team to ensure the delivery of high-quality service and efficient problem-solving for customers. This position involves continuous monitoring and analysis of data to enhance after-sales service, foster customer relationships, and drive repeat business. Effective communication is essential for providing clear information and recommendations to customers, while strong listening skills and creative problem-solving abilities are vital for managing challenging situations and unforeseen circumstances. As a leader in after-sales service, the Director is tasked not only with problem-solving but also with cultivating a culture of excellence in customer service within the team to achieve long-term organizational success.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct daily inspections to uphold cleanliness standards across all service center branches.

  • Provide expert advice and guidance to all team members.

  • Develop after-sales service strategies for each branch to align with organizational policies and achieve revenue targets.

  • Monitor and evaluate revenue management activities conducted by branch managers.

  • Offer technical information and recommendations to support activities at the main office and parent company.

  • Review and enforce operational compliance with established standards.

  • Set monthly targets for team members and oversee performance to achieve established goals for repair jobs, service center revenue, parts revenue, claims processing, and related tasks.

  • Manage customer relationship team activities to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Improve repair services to meet and exceed established standards.

  • Control expenses within designated service centers.

  • Review daily reports from each branch to track progress and address any issues promptly.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field.

  • Proven experience in after-sales service management.

  • Exceptional leadership and managerial skills.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • Ability to inspire and motivate teams towards common goals.

  • High level of customer service orientation.

  • Attention to detail and superb organizational skills.

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